Dragondeer at the Bluebird Theater

Dragondeer is a psych-blues band from Denver, Colorado whose singular, reverb drenched take on old school blues and soul coupled with inspired improvisation has the band making fans in roots circles as well as indie clubs across Colorado and beyond. I first caught them at Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, CO and couldn't wait to see them again. I am so thankful they let me come to their show at the Bluebird Theater in Denver and shoot their fantastic set. These guys rock, end of story. 

Roslynn in Cherry Creek

First shoot of the New Year! I've been having a lot of mixed feelings toward this year thus far (yes, 10 days in). Although it's not difficult to surpass the nervous breakdown that was 2016, I've been feeling an immediate sense of anxiousness to correct all of 2016's undoings at once. Without fail, it's depleted my creative energy into a paralyzed worry. I've been drawing inspiration from one singular thought - create with heart, not hustle. This shoot was exactly what I needed to kick it off. My dear Roslynn was one of my first new best friends when I moved to Denver, and she has yet to disappoint (especially in fashion choice). After a couple glasses of wine and digging through the pile of (mostly Madewell) clothes, we put together a cozy, comfortable street-style wardrobe to parade around my neighborhood. Roslynn was fun and fearless in front of the camera, especially for her first time modeling, and I'm so pleased how these turned out!  

Take your broken heart, make it into art.
— Carrie Fisher

Brianna & Jonny Reeves

The stars seemed to have aligned perfectly to make this weekend happen. I probably haven't seen Brianna in at least 6 years, and I was elated when I found out she was coming up to Colorado for a wedding. It also happened to be her and her husband Jonny's one year anniversary of marriage. Of course we had to shoot! I took them up to one of my favorite spots in Boulder at sunset, and the result was just magical. It was amazing to catch up with an old friend, meet her new husband, and have the opportunity to capture their goofy, joyous, beautiful love.

Argyll Whiskey Beer, A Gastropub

I had the pleasure of photographing 5280's "Top of the Town 2015 Steak". This was my first time styling and photographing food, and needless to say I was very excited. Having spent a fair amount of time in London, I was thrilled to spend the day working in a restaurant whose menu included Scotch Eggs (which I made sure to indulge in before the shoot). The real prize, however, was getting this delicious steak to photograph as well as it tastes.

Too much of anything is bad. But too much of good whiskey is barely enough.
— Mark Twain