OZ Architecture

OZ Architecture is an award-winning Colorado architectural design firm with a diverse portfolio of projects. If you've spent any time exploring Colorado's more aesthetic amusements (including Punch Bowl Social and the post-card-worthy Winter Park Village), you've witnessed the innovative vision of OZ. I was privileged to be able to help create their brand essence video below. 


Science on a Sphere - Curated Datasets

Science on a Sphere (SOS) is a room sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe. Researchers at NOAA developed Science on a Sphere as an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System science to people of all ages. Animated images of atmospheric storms, climate change, and ocean temperature can be shown on the sphere, which is used to explain what are sometimes complex environmental processes, in a way that is simultaneously intuitive and captivating. My collection of Curated Datasets serve as a playlist of first-hand explanations of these datasets, straight from the creators themselves. Here are a few of my favorites...

Sandy MacDonald curates the "FIM 500mb Winds Forecast Model" SOS dataset. https://sos.noaa.gov/Datasets/dataset.php?id=79

Nezette Rydell curates the "Real-Time Infrared Satellite" SOS dataset. http://sos.noaa.gov/Datasets/dataset.php?id=56

Rodney Viereck curates the "Aurora by SWPC" SOS dataset. http://sos.noaa.gov/Datasets/dataset.php?id=379

Gil Compo curates the "Precipitable Water - Galveston Hurricane," "Precipitable Water - El Nino," and "Precipitable Water - Antarctic Expedition" SOS datasets. http://sos.noaa.gov/Datasets/dataset.php?id=8 

Hipsterfication and the Fatality of the Mainstream

Gentrification is described as being the process in which the urban renewal of an area displaces the original poorer residents. It's a process as common as rain, and as global as McDonald's. However, what happens when the new wave "hipsters" get involved? When gentrification is dependent upon a collection of fads that are hardly steadfast, those areas are subject to a greater liability of economic downfall. Once an area is renewed as an urban hot spot, its "mainstream" success becomes its only downfall. This worldwide phenomenon of gentrification is connected not only to the hipsters now, but also to the increasing commercialization of street art, vintage shops, and the dilapidated charm of bohemian living.


The Big Wonderful

The Big Wonderful is a true treasure of the Denver summer culture. It is an outdoor sustainable market that blends food, flea and entertainment. It features a large outdoor craft beer garden built out of a storage container, beach volleyball, an urban farm, full stage, and much more. Visit thebigwonderful.com for details and upcoming events.


Winking Girl Foods - 10 Minute Skillet Enchiladas

I had so much fun making this quick recipe video for Winking Girl Foods! My first internship in college was for this company, and I still can't live without their salsas. Click Here for the full recipe, and many more!